Darren Lee
Darren was born in Bury in Manchester and was given his first drum kit at the age of 10, which coincidentally was also the year of his first concert......Status Quo at the Manchester Apollo. Watching Quo onstage that night, he knew that was what he wanted to do and in fact these two events set him on a musical journey that continues to this day. Along with Quo’s drummer John Coghlan, most of Darren’s early influences were from the Classic Rock era....Ian Paice, Phil Rudd, Cozy Powell, Simon Kirke, Clive Burr, Nigel Glockler & Leonard Haze from Y&T. At the same time, thanks to his Dad, there was a lot of Big Band/Swing music being played in the house which opened the door to great drummers such as Sonny Payne, Jack Sperling and Buddy Rich and instilled in him how important swing is to any style of music. Darren’s family emigrated to Adelaide in South Australia when he was 13 so all of his formative years of playing were in the pubs and clubs
of South Australia, a fantastic place to learn your craft as the Aussie rock scene, over the years, has been a breeding ground for some great players and bands. Darren played in many bands whilst in Australia but none managed to get signed or make any real headway in the industry, however he joined Sydney based rockers BB Steal where he recorded and co-wrote some of the tracks from the Resurrection album produced by famed Australian producer Peter Blyton. Eventually though, feeling frustrated with the lack of gigs and opportunities in general in Australia, he relocated back to the UK where, after spending time gigging, recording & touring with various bands including Aussie Blues/Rock guitarist Gwyn Ashton and alt rockers The Wow Signal, he moved to Brighton. He gigs regularly with a number of different bands in the South East including The Mike Ross Band and The Geoff Everett Band and has most recently recorded an album and performed with hard rockers Midnight Messiah. Having joined Weapon UK, Darren feels as though he has come full circle as he was influenced by many of the bands from the NWOBHM movement and is thrilled to now be part of the genre’s rich history. Having heard the ‘Rising From The Ashes’ album and being duly impressed, Darren was determined the get the job as drummer when the opportunity presented itself and is looking forward to working with the band.