Jeff Summers
Jeff Summers began in the mid seventies playing with various London based rock cover's bands including Flex and Fast Relief the later had seen him pen the seminal Set the Stage Alight a future NWOBHM classic. During this period, Jeff had met and befriended Bruce Bisland, who had been introduced to Jeff's older brotherSteve and was working with London based recording Band Lipservice but it soon became evident that Jeff and Bruce had a musical bonding that would see them accelerate fully into the NWOBHM scene. Weapon was born from the ashes of Fast Relief incorporating Irish vocalist Danny Hynes with Baz Downes on bass both formerly of Snatch and complemented by Bruce on drums with Jeff on guitar. Weapon went on to sign with Virgin Music Publishing recording an album full of material and touring (on the success of Set the Stage Alight) the UK with Motorhead's Ace of Spades tour followed by their own headlining tour incorporating major
Universities and small Theatres. After Weapon disbanded in 1982 Jeff auditioned and played with a number NWOBHM acts, never finding the right chemistry or approach to music he was seeking (musically exciting & song based) until teaming up with Bruce again in 1982 to form Wildfire along with Jeff Brown, Martin Bushell and Paul Mario Day. Wildfire recorded two influential albums Brute Force And Ignorance (1983) and Summer Lightning (1984) respectively and supported their recording efforts with intensive touring and radio/TV appearances including the now defunct hard rock show ECT where Steve Glover from Gary Bardens Statetrooper jammed with Wildfire leading to an intro to the man himself. After the sad demise of Statetrooper, Jeff reluctantly left the music business and got himself a proper job whilst continuing to follow his love of writing and performing music on a more part time basis. Stints with Paddy goes to Holyhead a band formed around musicians hanging around together and having fun covering there favourite songs with like minded people saw Jeff teamed up with various musicians including: Bruce, Jeff, Martin & Danny Hynes, who continues to work this successful band to this day. Jeff has continued with music writing new songs, working recording sessions and playing gigs with various pub outfits including The Loudshirts, the reunion of Statetrooper and now the reformed Weapon UK.